How to get rid of my ai without snapchat plus ?

How to rid Snapchat's My AI: A Simple Guide

How to get rid of my ai without snapchat plus ?

Snapchat has emerged as a widely-used social media platform, which facilitates its users to share pictures and videos that vanish after a brief duration. This feature of Snapchat has led to its immense popularity, particularly among the younger demographic. The application's interface is user-friendly, and it offers various filters and lenses, making it an entertaining and engaging experience for its users. Furthermore, Snapchat also allows users to create and share stories, providing a unique way to share moments with their followers.

In addition to this feature, Snapchat has recently introduced My AI, an experimental chatbot that uses AI technology to generate responses based on the user's input. While some users may find My AI engaging and entertaining, others may find it intrusive or unwanted. If you belong to the latter group, this article will guide you through two easy methods to remove My AI from your Snapchat account.

What is my ai on snapchat ?

My AI is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that enables users to have friendly and conversational interactions. It is designed to learn from the user's input and preferences over time, using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate responses. Initially, it was only available to Snapchat Plus users, but now it's accessible to all Snapchat users.

How to delete my ai on snapchat

How to delete my ai on snapchat

Method #1: Clear My AI from Chat Feed

If you want to remove My AI from your Chat feed, follow these simple steps:

  1. Swipe right from the Camera and go to the Chat screen.
  2. Press and hold My AI.
  3. Tap "Chat Settings."
  4. Tap "Clear from Chat Feed."

This method will remove My AI from your Chat feed, but it will still be accessible from your Snapchat account. If you want to remove My AI conversations altogether, you can follow the second method.

Method #2: Clear Conversations

If you want to remove all My AI conversations from your Snapchat account, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Settings button on the Profile screen.
  2. Scroll down to "Privacy Controls" and hit "Clear Data."
  3. Press "Clear Conversations."
  4. Tap the X button next to My AI.

This method will remove all conversations with My AI from your account. It's essential to note that clearing conversations will also remove all chats with other users, so make sure you only clear conversations with My AI if that's what you intend to do.

How to remove My AI from Snapchat without Snapchat Plus

If you're wondering how to remove the chatbot from your Snapchat feed, unfortunately, the only way to do so currently is by paying for a Snapchat+ subscription. This is because Snapchat wants as many people as possible to use the chatbot, known as My AI, to provide feedback and insights to improve it.

Snapchat hopes that by encouraging widespread usage of the chatbot, they can test and optimize it to enhance its performance. This explains why there's no option to remove My AI from the chat feed.

In summary, My AI's purpose is to gather valuable data on its performance and identify any issues. That's why Snapchat wants users to use it more often.


As AI-powered chatbots continue to gain popularity in various applications, it's good to know that Snapchat provides an easy way to remove My AI if you prefer not to engage with it. The two methods outlined in this article are easy to follow and will allow you to remove My AI from your Snapchat account on your terms. Whether you choose to clear My AI from your Chat feed or remove all conversations with My AI, you can continue to enjoy Snapchat without any unwanted interactions.

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